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Audiences, young and old, are invited to playfully get in touch with the science behind human perception in the "tourofthesenses" exhibition. Through some very fascinating experiences, you can find out how information from the outside world is processed in the brain.



In touch with science

Come and join us in experiencing, marvelling and grasping knowledge! The mobile exhibition "tourofthesenses" offers a variety of interactive experiments focused on human perception suitable for a wide audience.

Our brains are constantly processing information to try to make sense of the world around us. What we perceive is the best guess of the brain based on information from our senses, and depends on various factors such as one’s personal experiences, sub-conscious expectations and preconceptions. The tourofthesenses-exhibits invite you to confuse and confound your brain to explore and experience some amazing phenomena. See yourself grow from a midget to a giant, lose your balance, realise that reading is faster than thinking and take a look into your own eye!

This user-friendly and easily accessible exhibition makes it possible for one and all to get in touch with the science behind perception science, psychology and brain sciences in a playful and personal way.


Facts and Figures

Regardless of space available or duration required, the exhibition can be easily adapted to suit your requirements. The exhibition layout is flexible and exhibits may be selected and combined flexibly. Do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Size & scope: We invite you to playfully explore the world of human perception with the help of 32 astonishing and informative exhibits describing 44 different phenomena. The overall exhibition area is 200-500 m2. No roofing is needed.

Costs: on request.

Contact: Claudia Muth, Ralf Mitschke, Managers Mobile Offers.
Phone: +49 (0)911 / 94432-81, Fax: -69, E-Mail:

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